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Naturally Nourished By Tara

Registered  & Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist
Tara Lavelle, M.S.

Welcome to Naturally Nourished By Tara. I’m Tara! I am a Registered Dietitian  and I focus on digestive health.


Why am I passionate about digestive health? Because, once upon a time, I had one angry gut.For years, I struggled with uncomfortable digestive symptoms. Seemingly unpredictable gas, bloating, and abdominal pain negatively impacted my quality of life and put me in a state of food fear.


I know many of us have suffered, but this does not have to be our story! No woman should view her plate as a source of anxiety. Food is meant to fuel and empower us. For anyone battling digestive issues, now is time to find relief and take back your life. 

Ultimately, my digestive issues drew me to the world of nutrition and lead to me becoming a Registered Dietitian after obtaining my MS in Human Nutrition. Through my experiences and education, I am able to help women find digestive relief using lifestyle and nutrition.


My coaching sessions are designed to help you identify your triggers so you can find relief from annoying and painful digestive symptoms. I use a holistic approach that focuses on whole-body wellness and sustainable change. You will learn, we will laugh and you will walk away equipped with what you need to live your best digestive life!



Don’t have digestive symptoms but want to optimize gut health for hormonal balance or prevention?

Great! I can support you with that, too.  Our gut undoubtedly plays a huge role in whole body wellness. Hippocrates did once say “all disease begins in the gut.”  No matter where you are in your gut health journey, I am here to support and guide you towards optimal health. There is no better time to start than the present.

Are you ready to prevent and overcome digestive issues?

Please email me to set up a free 15-minute discovery call to learn more about my services.



Phone: (908)-489-5726

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